Hellish super-Earth CoRoT-7 b

(ORDO NEWS) — CoRoT-7 b is a super-Earth class exoplanet 489 light-years away. Compared to this distant world, our Venus , the hottest planet in the solar system , will seem like a paradise.

The diameter of the rocky exoplanet CoRoT-7 b is 58% larger than the diameter of the Earth , and its mass is 5.5-6.5 times greater than that of our planet.

The average distance between CoRoT-7 b and its parent star CoRoT-7 (slightly smaller and cooler than the Sun) is 2.52 million kilometers, which is about 23 times less than the distance from the Sun to Mercury. A year on CoRoT-7 lasts 20 hours 29 minutes and 10 seconds.

Naturally, CoRoT-7 b is blocked by tidal forces, which means that one side is always facing the star. On the day side, the temperature can vary from 1030 to 1530 degrees Celsius, and on the night side it can drop to -210 degrees. It is believed that the day side may be completely covered with lava.

Hellish super Earth CoRoT 7 b 2

Despite extreme surface conditions and mass uncertainty, the exoplanet is similar in composition to Earth, according to one curious study on CoRoT-7 b.


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