Group of interstellar asteroids discovered in the solar system

(ORDO NEWS) — In the vicinity of our solar system, experts have found some asteroids that were previously unknown to science. Experts managed to identify 19 space rocks at once, which are of interstellar origin.

Asteroids of this type are classified by experts as “centaurs”. These objects are located in the outer part of the solar system and rotate between Neptune and Jupiter. Maria Helena Moreira Morais, who was involved in this study, said that the solar system was formed about 4.5 billion years ago.

Even then, a variety of planetary systems were present in it, as well as numerous asteroids.

The stars were located at a small distance from each other, which allowed them to exchange materials faster. That is why some of the objects that can be found today in the solar system should have formed in close proximity to other stars.

For a long time, experts could not determine which space objects formed around the Sun, and which fell from outside the solar system. For the first time, identification was possible only in 2018. The very first identifier was the asteroid 514107 Ka’epaoka’awela.

It is worth noting that the centaurs that were identified during the next study have inclined orbits relative to the plane of the planets’ orbits.

As a basis, experts took into account the age of our Universe. If centaurs were formed in the solar system, then they would then have to move in the same plane with the disk of gas that revolved around the sun.

Computer simulations, in turn, showed that the detected objects rotated in orbits located perpendicular to the plane of the disk.

This suggests that, most likely, the asteroids were captured from nearby stars, which were at that time at the stage of active formation.


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