Great opposition of planets in October: what is dangerous and when to observe

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(ORDO NEWS) — On October 31, astronomers will observe the confrontation between the planets and the Sun when they fly up to a record short distance. Scientists will have a great chance to study the planets that will also be incredibly close to Earth.

The distance between our planet and Uranus will be 2.811 billion kilometers, which is very little in space. The distance between the star and the Earth, for example, is 19 times greater.

Opposition is such a position of the upper planet in orbit when it is visible from the Earth in the direction opposite to the star. At such times, astronomers have excellent observing opportunities: scientists can examine the surfaces of planets in detail.

During the confrontation, you can observe the bodies throughout the night, which is also a big plus. It will be possible to see Uranus even without any equipment, however, it will turn out to be a small point like a star. The object will be very difficult to recognize.

The disc of Uranus has a green-blue color, for high-quality observation it needs equipment. Now Uranus is moving around the constellation Aries, so it is best to follow it from the Northern Hemisphere. Body tracking will become more convenient every year.

Opposition or opposition of Uranus and the Sun takes place annually with an offset of 4 days. This year the date falls on October 31st. So far, people do not have the equipment, thanks to which it would be possible to distinguish the great opposition from the usual. The ancestors believed that such events promised trouble and disaster. Today, of course, these are only superstitions.


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