Google accused of spying on users

(ORDO NEWS) — New York Post: US prosecutors sued Google for defrauding users.

Attorneys General of several US states have filed lawsuits against Google. According to the New York Post, we are talking about Texas, Indiana, Washington state and the metropolitan District of Columbia. In their statements of claim, the security forces convict the corporation of deceiving users and spying on them.

In particular, in their opinion, Google has repeatedly put pressure on users of its applications in order to obtain data about their geolocation. Such actions are contrary to various consumer rights laws in individual states.

In some cases, Google has manipulated the colors of apps to influence people. They are said to have used darker schemes that pushed users to consent to access to their geolocation.

There were also situations when the corporation persistently asked users to share their location over and over again in order to receive hints from Google Maps. As a result, the information obtained was used to fine-tune targeted advertising.

“By repeatedly pushing users to turn on certain Google account settings, the corporation increases the likelihood that the user will do it by accident or just get left behind,” wrote the attorney general of one of the states.

“Google makes its app users believe that they are in complete control of both the information they share with the company and how that information is used. In fact, consumers cannot prevent Google from collecting and storing such data, as well as from profiting from their location information, ”the District of Columbia lawsuit says.

Journalists note that these statements of claim were not the first of their kind. In 2020, the Attorney General of the State of Arizona filed a similar application with the court. However, the intentional design changes were not reflected in the petition at the time.


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