Girl found justice for a neighbor who had not washed for months

(ORDO NEWS) —  The girl found justice for a neighbor in the apartment, who had not washed for months. She spoke about this on the Reddit forum in the AmItheAsshole section (“Am I not a bastard”), asking users to evaluate her act.

“She hasn’t taken a shower in four months . At the same time, every morning she makes a two-hour run. I can’t stand this smell anymore. I’m sick of him,” she wrote online.

The user added that she repeatedly asked her neighbor to wash, but she ignored her.

The girl contacted the owner of the apartment, explained the situation and demanded the eviction of the neighbor.

“He has arrived. As soon as he entered the apartment, I saw that he almost vomited, ”says the user.

The landlord told the neighbor that she needed to move out within a month, otherwise he would force her out the door.

According to the girl, the neighbor was furious and said she would sue for cultural discrimination. She also insulted the forum user in every possible way when she saw her post.

However, the possible eviction frightened the neighbor, and the girl’s requests were finally heard.

“Guys, I’m crying. She’s taking a shower right now!” – the author later supplemented the publication.

Earlier it was reported that at the age of 40, a resident of India swore that he would not wash as long as crimes against women, territorial disputes and the killing of innocent animals continued. Since then, he has never broken his promise.


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