Massive rock formation of unusual shape found in the desert

(ORDO NEWS) — A massive rock formation resembling a giant fish or a submarine was captured by a photographer from Saudi Arabia.

Sometimes drones show us the hidden wonders of the world by photographing and recording landscapes that people are not used to seeing.

The giant rock, captured by the photographer, has a bizarre shape resembling a huge fish. Some netizens think the rock looks more like a submarine, but that’s the beauty of letting everyone’s imagination run wild.

In these pictures, the giant rock looks like it’s emerging from the golden sands of the Saudi Arabian desert, covered in nearly 22,500 square kilometers of sandstone.

Photographer Khaled Al-Enazi took these images in June 2021 while documenting the archaeological treasures of Al-Ula District in Saudi Arabia .

Al-Enazi recently told CNN Travel that he was photographing a scenic area and suddenly a small mountain appeared in front of him. This rock formation looked more like a fish emerging from the desert.

Al-Enazi noted that this is probably not the first time that a rock formation has been found peeking out of the sands.

However, he believes that it was his bird’s-eye photograph that captured this strange silhouette with fin-like structures.

The photographer called his discovery “Desert Fish”. Since the photos were posted online, social media users have gone so far as to suggest that these rocks are the remains of an unknown giant sea animal.

Some even expressed confidence that this is a real fossilized fish.


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