Gifts from Above

(ORDO NEWS) — Curiosity continues to explore the luscious workspace full of assorted boulders, and one of the team members described them as “gifts from above,” which sounds like the perfect description for these beautiful rocks!

These boulders rolled downhill from the top of the pediment above us, providing an excellent opportunity to explore the chemistry of the various textures we see here. Today’s 3-day plan focuses on completing the exploration of these boulders and then returning to our road south.

Usually we planned to study only one target for contact science, but we managed to get two targets for observations MAHLI and APXS (named “Whaligoe Steps” and “Laurentia”), as well as creating an additional photo mosaic Malian a boulder that includes a “Whaligoe Steps” target for evaluating various textures.

In addition to all geological observations, Curiosity will conduct intense skies and dust devils, as well as studying clouds at different times of the day. On the third day we plan to drive further south towards “Maria Gordon notch”.


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