Geologists find traces of the disappeared ocean in Baltimore

(ORDO NEWS) — American scientists have discovered ocean tracks in the city of Baltimore. Traces of collision of tectonic plates were also found. Events took place millions of years ago. This is a very interesting find, since excavations can lead to the discovery of fossil remains of the inhabitants of the ocean of those distant times.

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The local landforms of Baltimore are not as impressive as the Grand Canyon, but geologists find them unique. Scientists look at the picture a little wider. The fact is that in the place where there was once an ocean, and then there was a break in tectonic plates, today a city has been built. The watery shell of the earth did not always look the way it does today. Millions of years ago there were completely different bodies of water.

Jord Geis, an employee of the National Museum in Washington DC, says that such places are extremely rare and unique. The research has already been published in scientific journals. As it turned out, geologists assumed that the rocks in Baltimore may contain fragments of the oceanic crust and lower layers of the mantle. Only a chemical analysis of the rocks confirmed their guesses.

Geologists are sure that millions of years ago here, in the place of the city, was the Iapetus Ocean. It disappeared as a result of the closing of continental masses (at the stage of formation of continents). The Appalachians are the result of their collisions. Now it is necessary to study the rocks in more detail in order to establish the time of their formation.


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