Four new giant exoplanets discovered

(ORDO NEWS) — An international team of astronomers announces the discovery of four new giant exoplanets as part of the HAT South Photometric Sky Survey. These newly discovered planets are the size of Jupiter and are designated HATS-74Ab, HATS-75b, HATS-76b, and HATS-77b, respectively.

In this paper, a team led by Adolfo Ibáñez of the University of Santiago de Chile reports on the discovery of new extrasolar planets using HAT South telescopes. Transit signals received with these telescopes were subsequently confirmed using NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), as well as ground-based observatories.

According to the paper, the planet HATS-74Ab is about the size of Jupiter, but it is 46 percent more massive than the largest planet in the solar system. It revolves around the parent star with a period of 1.73 days, remaining at a distance of about 0.024 astronomical units (1 AU is equal to the average distance from the Earth to the Sun) from it, and is characterized by an equilibrium temperature of 895 Kelvin.

The parent star is roughly 11 billion years old, has a radius of 0.57 that of the Sun, a mass of about 0.6 that of the Sun, and an effective temperature of 3,777 Kelvin. The system is located at a distance of 934 light years from us.

With a radius of 0.88 that of Jupiter and a mass of only 0.49 that of Jupiter, HATS-75b is the smallest and least massive exoplanet of the four. It has an orbital period of 2.79 days and is separated from the star by a distance of 0.032 AU. The equilibrium temperature, according to calculations, is 772.3 Kelvin.

The parent star HATS-75, located about 637 light years from us, is characterized by an age of 15 billion years, a radius of 0.58 times the radius of the Sun and a mass of about 0.6 times the mass of our star. The star’s effective temperature is 3790 Kelvin.

The planet HATS-76b revolves around the parent star with a period of 1.94 days, remaining at a distance of about 0.026 AU. from the star – and it became the hottest planet in this quartet, since its equilibrium temperature was 939.8 Kelvin.

The exoplanet is 2.63 times more massive than Jupiter, and its radius is estimated to be about 1.08 that of Jupiter. The star HATS-76 has a mass of about 0.66 solar masses, a 0.62 solar radius, and an effective temperature of 4016 Kelvin. The star, 1271 light years distant from us, is the youngest in the four – its age was estimated at 4.6 billion years.

As for the planet HATS-77b, it is 16 percent larger and 37 percent more massive than Jupiter. The planet’s orbital period is about 3.09 days, and the average distance to the star is about 0.036 AU. The equilibrium temperature on the planet HATS-77b was 828.3 Kelvin. The parent star is 12.1 billion years old, about 35 percent smaller and more massive than the Sun, and has an effective temperature of 4071 Kelvin. The distance to the planetary system was 1349 light years.


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