Family received a message from the deceased son

(ORDO NEWS) — A Mississippi family received a message in a bottle written by their son 33 years ago. He died a few years ago, according to USA Today.

Shipyard workers located in the city of Vicksburg found the message while sailing on a rescue yacht on the Yazoo River. Rescue diver Billy Mitchell was the first to notice the green bottle with the note.

“I’m always like this. I’m always looking for unique things,” he explained.

Mitchell carefully removed the paper from the bottle and dried it. Most of the message was damaged, but the man and his leader, Brad Babb, were able to restore what was left.

They deciphered the last name Dahl, year 1989, place – “Oxford, Mississippi”, the words “please”, “thank you” and the phrase that made them laugh: “call or dial the phone number.” All this was written in children’s handwriting.

“We are all children at heart. We could imagine ourselves as this 11 year old boy.

All this provoked us, and we decided to find this guy, because he was a kindred spirit, and we in his place would like to be found, ”said Babb.

They stayed at work, began calling schools and posted a photo of the note on the shipyard’s social media page. The post went viral and helped solve the mystery.

It turned out that the message in a bottle was a school project that Brian Dahl completed when he was in sixth grade in 1989.

The bottle floated 320 kilometers and ended up in the Yazoo River. If she had turned a little the other way, she could have ended up in the Mississippi River and perhaps even in the Gulf of Mexico.

This young man later beat cancer, but died in an accident in his own home at the age of 29. Dahl’s parents, Eric and Melanie, and their second son, Chris, traveled about 320 kilometers from the US city of Oxford, Mississippi, to meet with the workers who found the message.

“He was a winner in life because he knew how to make friends and connect with people. And he continues to inspire such connections,” said Eric.

Melanie said that Brian loved baseball, fishing, was not afraid of snakes and became an avid cyclist and loving uncle as he grew up.

The shipyard workers offered to show the family the place where they found the bottle, and the Dalís agreed.

“He is still with them. I think this was what our find was for – to let his parents know that he was looking after them, ”Mitchell said.

Earlier it was reported that activists who collected garbage in an American park found a message sent 27 years ago in a bottle and conveyed greetings to one of its authors from a best friend who died a year and a half ago. He noted that all those who signed the note are still his close friends.


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