Experts told what a war in space would look like today

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts imagined what real armed battles outside the Earth’s atmosphere might look like at the present time.

According to a report published by the Aerospace Corporation, space combat, now or in the near future, will not be at all like Star Wars. They will most likely require slower and more thoughtful moves.

Unlike war on a planet, which usually focuses on dominating a specific location, collisions in space will not be based on the conquest of “territory.” The current military satellites do not stand still. Therefore, as the report says, control of space does not necessarily mean physical conquest of its sectors. Control over the space sector is the destruction or elimination of the capabilities of enemy satellites.

Space military operations must be planned in advance and carefully timed, since satellites cannot change trajectory and quickly maneuver like fighters.

Placing weapons in space for satellite protection, as well as equipping satellites with kinetic weapons, is unlikely in the near future. According to the authors of the report, a more likely scenario is an intentional collision of two satellites.

But even such collisions will be viewed with caution by the military: satellites destroyed in orbit can create dangerous space debris.


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