Environmentalists talk about terrible mutations that will lead to a warmer climate

(ORDO NEWS) — A warmer climate has a detrimental effect on the function of proteins, so mutations will certainly follow, moreover, not the most positive ones. Experts from the University of Uppsala (Sweden) came to sad conclusions.

Organisms either die out in a new environment or adapt. Adaptation is carried out exclusively through mutations. Genome changes often lead to problems. So, those experimental life forms suffered more when manipulating temperature, in which the process of changing the genome began.

Such results were obtained in the course of experiments by David Berger and other specialists from the Department of Ecology and Genetics at Uppsala University.

If the temperature on the planet rises by 3-4 degrees, then tropical species will begin to suffer. Their mutation rate will double. Genome changes are inherited, so whole species, and then generations, can begin to experience a negative impact.


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