Found a way for a person to safely get into a black hole

(ORDO NEWS) — It will be possible to fully understand the nature of black holes only after someone flies into one of the bodies. This is possible if the black hole belongs to the category of supermassive and isolated.

Black holes are an important component of the Universe, thanks to which various kinds of systems were born. There are two types of objects: the first is electrically neutral and does not rotate, and the second has a positive or negative charge.

A distinctive feature of different holes is the distance from the center to the “event horizon”, that is, the radial distance. The event horizon is a point of no return, where gravity is incredibly strong.

If a black hole is comparable in size to the Sun, then its radial distance is 3.2 km. If we take a hole in the center of our galaxy, then its radius is 11.6 million km.

Once in a supermassive hole, a person would not immediately feel the strongest gravitational influence, which tears and crushes. In a supermassive object, the gravitational attraction over the body would be reduced to zero, so a person would be able to pass the event horizon without turning into long noodles.

Thus, getting into a black hole and surviving is real, according to the conclusions of physicists.


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