Egyptian “hieroglyphs” on the surface of Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — Recently, scientists, ufologists and other researchers are increasingly casting their gaze on the Martian expanses, continuing to look for signs of life on it, or at least its presence in the distant past.

Relatively recently, ufologists, studying photographs of the Martian surface, found strange drawings on them, which are very reminiscent of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

In support of their words, the researchers offer Web users to compare “Martian hieroglyphs” with terrestrial hieroglyphs.

According to the researchers, they have a suspicious similarity and prove the version of the once existing life on Mars. Ufologists suggested that these symbols were made by representatives of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations and would like to know the expert opinion of archaeologists.

Scientists have a different opinion on this matter. Despite the fact that the Martian “hieroglyphs” are very similar to the terrestrial, they still have a natural origin. The fact is that strong dust storms often occur on Mars, which ultimately lead to the erosion of its surface. This is how such “hieroglyphs” appear.

By the way, researchers of the Martian landscapes often find various drawings and symbols. Earlier we talked about one such find. The renowned ufologist and virtual archaeologist Scott Waring discovered a “like” sign on the surface of the Red Planet , often used on social networks.


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