Egyptian archaeologists have found a 2,000-year-old Book of the Dead

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(ORDO NEWS) — Pictures of the Book of the Dead appeared on the Internet. She was recently found in Saqqara. On its pages you can see images of ancient gods, as well as text in a dead language.

The document is more than two thousand years old. The photos were published by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Egypt.

The Book of the Dead lay in a tomb next to Djoser’s pyramid. And what we call a book is altogether different from the Book of the Dead. The second option is a collection of scrolls.

Yes, yes, the same papyrus scrolls. It’s just that archaeologists came up with such a term to somehow designate those texts that were regularly found in tombs.

The ancient Egyptians believed that these texts would help the souls of the dead to go to the other world and find peace there.

The length of the Saqqara scroll shown in the photo is approximately 16 meters. It was found in 2022.

At first it was necessary to restore it, because some fragments fell apart. But now it is beautiful and restored in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

The papyrus was found rolled up. It is known that the scroll lay in the coffin of an Egyptian named Yahmose.

In the posthumous papyrus, his name is mentioned more than 250 times. He lived around 2300 BC. This era is characterized by the beginning of the reign of the Ptolemaic dynasty.

It is amazing that the scrolls have been preserved for two thousand years and we can see them.

Archaeologists and scientists talk about it. By the way, technology now allows you not to unfold the scrolls so as not to harm them.

Analysis of the Saqqara papyrus showed that it was written in black and red ink. The inscription says that it was created by a real professional.

There are illustrations in the Book of the Dead: Osiris and the god of the underworld. Osiris is depicted with a crown on his head.

Various gifts are presented to him: fruits, jewelry, robes, etc. You can also see painted boats sailing on the Nile River and many other interesting images.


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