Dog shoots his owner after hunting

(ORDO NEWS) — Ozgur Gevrekoglu, 32, was shot dead by a dog while he went hunting in the Turkish province of Samsun.

According to investigators, after the hunt, the owner of the dog was loading a loaded gun into the trunk of a car when she jumped into the car and pulled the trigger with her paw.

The weapon fired at point-blank range, causing Gevrekoglu to die instantly at the scene .

The hunter was taken to a state hospital, and then, after stating death, his body was sent to the provincial capital for an autopsy.

Shortly before the incident, Gevrekoglu published photos from hunting with several dogs. It is not yet known which hound caused his death. It is noted that the man became a father ten days before his death.

Police and prosecutors are investigating Gevrekoglu’s death. The incident is considered an accident.


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