Created glasses that translate silent speech into printed text

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(ORDO NEWS) — Cornell University graduate student Ruidong Zhang has developed a new device – EchoSpeech glasses, which are able to “hear” the silent speech of its owner, just facial articulation is enough.

The glasses are equipped with sonar and are able to pick up the movements of the lips and tongue, which generate weak sound waves.

These waves are then processed by machine learning algorithms that interpret lip and tongue movements and translate them into audio speech.

The goggle format proved to be more convenient than headphones, as the user does not need to look into the camera or put something in the ear.

This allows the user to record their activities and communication in real time while remaining more free and mobile.

The data recorded on the glasses is transmitted to the smartphone, where it is processed by artificial intelligence algorithms.

This allows users to easily edit and share their posts, as well as receive recommendations on how to make their content more engaging and interesting.

The EchoSpeech glasses can be used as a standard input device, replacing traditional microphones and voice recorders.

According to Zhang, this innovative product can be useful for people with speech impairments, as well as military, police and intelligence agencies who need to communicate silently in certain situations.

The technology can also be applied to a variety of industries, including the gaming and entertainment industry, where glasses can be used to control characters and dialogue in games or movies.

Despite all the advantages, the new project raises concerns among experts about privacy and confidentiality.

Safety issues and the use of such glasses in public places may be the subject of discussion and regulation in the future.


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