Coronavirus brought to China with chicken wings

(ORDO NEWS) — The Chinese city of Shenzhen received a shipment of frozen chicken wings from Brazil, samples of which contained the coronavirus. According to Interfax, the quarantine service managed to identify the presence of COVID-19.

Local media said employees who came into contact with the wings were tested. We also had to check the goods that were stored nearby – the result was negative.

The food consignment has been isolated and is planned to be disposed of in the near future.

In early August, WHO representatives agreed with China on the terms of an international investigation into the emergence of COVID-19.

On December 31, Chinese authorities informed WHO of an outbreak of an unknown type of pneumonia in Wuhan. Later it turned out that it was provoked by a new type of coronavirus (it causes the disease COVID-19). On March 11, WHO recognized the situation as a pandemic.


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