Coronavirus appeared in Spain in March 2019

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Some time ago, specialists from the University of Barcelona conducted wastewater to determine the presence or absence of coronavirus. The virus was found in samples collected on March 12 and 15 of last year. It is worth noting that the first cases of infection in the country were recorded only at the end of winter 2020.

Specialists have been monitoring wastewater since mid-April 2020 to prevent new pandemic outbreaks. At the same time, scientists thought that it was worth checking older samples. They found that coronavirus entered the country 41 days before they discovered the first cases.

Then the experts began to check even older samples, which were taken from January 2018 to the end of 2019. Absolutely all samples turned out to be negative, except for the one that was taken on March 12. It contained a small number of coronavirus genomes, but this was more than enough. To get a positive PCR test result.

Dr. Joan Ramon Villalbi says that there is still no reason to draw any specific conclusions, because only one result was obtained. When it is possible to collect more information and conduct additional research, then it can be argued that the virus appeared in Spain much earlier than everyone expected. Laboratory error should also be ruled out. The doctor added that the result may be false positive due to the fact that the coronavirus has certain similarities with other respiratory diseases.

Professor Gertyan Medem from the Netherlands proposed to re-test to get confirmation that it is indeed a coronavirus. It is worth noting that at the moment, such studies have begun to actively carry out in other countries.

Specialists from Italy managed to find the remnants of the virus in the wastewater samples that were collected in December last year. In this case, the first case of coronavirus infection was recorded only after two months.


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