Cockroaches are not the only creatures that can survive a nuclear war

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have conducted several interesting experiments that have shown that flour beetles are more resilient than cockroaches.

Cockroaches are considered very tenacious insects that can even survive a nuclear war. For example, they can even live without a head for several weeks. Due to the fact that cockroaches do not have blood vessels, they do not lose their heads when decapitated, and oxygen continues to flow to the organs normally.

But is it true that these small insects can actually survive a nuclear war? For a month, experts exposed cockroaches, meal beetles and fruit flies to different amounts of radiation. When exposed to 10 thousand glad, about 10% of the cockroaches survived, but no one was able to withstand 100 thousand glad. 10% of flour beetles survived the impact of 100 thousand glad without any problems during the month.

At the same time, scientists did not establish whether insects, after this kind of radiation, will be able to produce healthy offspring.

Regardless, meal beetles will do much better after a nuclear war than cockroaches. Mark Elgar shared the details of the study.


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