Classical music can reduce anxiety, scientists say

(ORDO NEWS) — An international team of scientists has found that classical music alleviates the anxiety caused by acute social isolation in zebrafish.

This is a social species, isolation makes them anxious behavior. Researchers from Russia, Brazil and China conducted an experiment by isolating the fish from each other for a day.

Half of the fish were played music by Antonio Vivaldi twice a day for two hours. The concert was played on a smartphone at a volume of 65-75 decibels. The research results are published in the journal “Behavioral Brain Research”.

After 24 hours, the scientists conducted individual behavior testing on the fish. Each zebrafish was placed in an unfamiliar aquarium with opaque partitions. They filmed the reaction to the camera. According to the magazine “Vokrug Sveta”, the level of anxiety was lower in the fish that listened to Vivaldi.

“Based on the data obtained, we made the assumption that musical accompaniment can reduce the stress caused by social isolation in zebradanios,” said Alan Kaloyev, professor of St. Petersburg State University and Southwestern University of China. – In other words, enrichment of the environment with classical music can be used as an alternative factor to tranquilizers. It relieves anxiety, fear, tension associated with them, and enhances emotional well-being.”


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