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Chinese squad of giant archers who served the emperor in 1555

Chinese squad of giant archers who served the emperor in 1555

(ORDO NEWS) — The Chinese, on whose land archaeologists have found some of the earliest skeletal remains of giants, claim that people once lived among them with a height of 4 meters 57 cm.

One could discard this as another “fiction”, except that Melchior Nunes Barreto (was a 16th-century Jesuit priest who served as a missionary in India, China, and Japan) vouches in his letters for the fact that there is a group of giant soldiers in China.

He personally saw soldiers of gigantic stature guarding the gates of Beijing, which were of enormous stature; and in a letter dated 1555, he states that the emperor of this country has taken into service five hundred such giants in the company of archers of his guard.

They were still to be seen seventy years later, as George Hakewill (an English clergyman and writer) in his Apology of 1627, gives a similar account “the emperor hired five hundred men of enormous stature for the band of archers of his guard.”

In historical sources, the growth of giants is indicated as 15 feet, and in meters it is 4 meters 57 cm.


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