Chinese discovered a dwarf radio galaxy with a large proportion of dark matter

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(ORDO NEWS) — Chinese astronomers have discovered a new galaxy with an unusual mass distribution.

The galaxy was designated FAST J0139+4328 in honor of China‘s 500m FAST radio telescope.

This is the world‘s largest radio telescope with a filled aperture, which allows you to study compact objects filled with gas galaxies and the interstellar medium.

Now, scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have announced the discovery with its help of a new galaxy 94 million light-years from the Sun.

A study of FAST J0139+4328 showed that it is a typical disk galaxy with an extremely low absolute magnitude and a mass below 690,000 solar masses.

The dynamical and baryonic masses of FAST J0139+4328 were calculated to be approximately 5.1 and 0.11 billion solar masses, respectively.

This means that in this galaxy there is about 47 times more dark matter in mass than ordinary matter.

The concept of dark matter arose in the 20th century when analyzing the rotation of the arms of spiral galaxies, where serious anomalies were discovered.

The stars in them do not rotate around the center as they should, as if they were affected by a large hidden mass.

In this regard, astronomers have introduced the concept of dark matter – a variable that, when added to the equations of motion, makes the model look like real life.

It is believed that this dark matter does not interact with electromagnetic radiation, including light, and therefore it cannot be seen, it can only be calculated from the gravitational influence.


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