China will release invisible bomber five years earlier than expected

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — China will launch the H-20 invisible bomber five years earlier than expected. It is reported that he will be ready by November 2020.

It was previously assumed that the stealth bomber would appear in 2025. However, the Chinese media of the South China Morning Post, referring to sources in the country’s army, calls different terms. As it turned out, the H-20 can already be shown at the International Aerospace Exhibition in Zhuhai.

It is worth noting that grains of information about the new aircraft appear since 2016. It is known that the bomber will be built according to the “flying wing” scheme. The speed of the aircraft will reach more than 1000 km / h, and the maximum flight range – more than 8.5 thousand km. H-20 will be able to deliver both conventional weapons and nuclear.


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