China showed the launch of a rocket by the latest fifth-generation fighter J-31

(ORDO NEWS) — Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), a state-owned aviation industry corporation, has shown for the first time how a J-31 fighter jet launches an air-to-air missile in a new video. Earlier it became known that a deck version was created on its basis.

The fifth-generation Shenyang J-31 fighter made its first flight back in 2012, but little has been heard about its development process since then.

However, no one refused to create an aircraft: the AVIC video, which for the first time showed the launch of the J-31 air-to-air missile, was another confirmation.

According to the Dambiev telegram channel, the video is dedicated to the success of the Chinese aviation industry during the fourteenth five-year plan (2021-2025).

In the video, the rocket is launched from the first J-31 prototype. No details were disclosed: perhaps we have before us – computer graphics, which, however, is unlikely in the context of an informational occasion.

Wide attention to the aircraft is riveted also because not so long ago its carrier-based version, referred to in the media as J-XY or J-35, made its first flight. It should become part of the air group of the Chinese Type-003 aircraft carrier under construction.

Recall that recently the American F-15EX fighter for the first time launched an air-to-air missile AIM-120.


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