China is building an ‘artificial moon’ to mimic extraterrestrial conditions

(ORDO NEWS) — Chinese scientists have built a research center to create a moon simulator that will simulate low gravity conditions on Earth, according to the pages of the Independent.

China aspires to be among the leading space superpowers. The country’s space agency hopes the new facility will help it prepare to send its first mission to the moon.

The artificial moon is located inside a vacuum chamber with a diameter of only 60 cm.

“This year, the gravity simulator will be officially launched and it will be able to make gravity ‘disappear’ for as long as you want,” said Li Ruilin from the China University of Mining and Technology.

“Some experiments will take just a few seconds, others a few days.”

Scientists hope the new facility will help them test lunar hardware on Earth in a small simulated space.

Scientists use a magnetic field strong enough to magnetize and make small objects levitate.

The artificial moon simulator will not provide gravity similar to the natural satellite of the Earth, but it will allow equipment to be tested in approximate conditions.


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