US Air Force guard guarding nuclear weapons comes face to face with shadow man

(ORDO NEWS) — Former US Air Force technician guarding nuclear weapons, Adrian Reister (Adrian Reister) spoke about the “glowing balls” hovering around a military base in Missouri, and a creepy encounter with a shadow man. This is reported by the Daily Star.

A US Air Force pilot reported strange unidentified flying objects (UFOs) that were believed to be interested in objects with nuclear weapons.

Reister served at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri from 2003 to 2007. The military man had extensive knowledge of the aircraft that were operated at the base. During his service, he twice saw UFOs that did not behave like.

US Air Force guard guarding nuclear weapons comes face to face with shadow man 2

The team in which Reister served provided security for nuclear weapons at the base. The military personnel were trained in handling it, as well as ensuring security when it moves inside the base.

Reister said that he watched the movement of one of the nuclear warheads at the Whiteman base. Then he noticed a glowing ball hovering at the top of the tree.

Reister suggested that it could be a satellite. When the transport team arrived to secure the weapons, “the ball bounced a little in the sky, then moved north, then bounced up and disappeared. Some time later, he saw another luminous ball emitting a yellowish white color.

But that’s not the strangest thing Reister has experienced while serving on a nuclear weapons base. In the summer of 2006, while working the night shift servicing a dummy bomb, a nuclear weapons technician encountered what he calls “the shadow man.”

First he heard footsteps, but they didn’t sound like standard combat boots. It looked more like a mysterious intruder walking around the base barefoot.

Hearing footsteps once again, Reister got up to investigate and encountered something inexplicable.

“I saw what I really can’t describe but as a black mass of human shape, 6 feet high,” he says. “More precisely, not even a shadow, but something slightly blurry and not reflecting any light.”

Reister came face-to-face with a Shadowman in a heavily guarded base where it is almost impossible for an outsider to gain access to its secret interior zones without being seen. Unfortunately, it is not known what happened during this strange contact.


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