China has created an artificial intelligence “prosecutor” to bring charges

(ORDO NEWS) — In China, artificial intelligence can easily send you to jail.

Chinese scientists have developed a machine that can accuse people of crimes using artificial intelligence.

This artificial intelligence “prosecutor” can bring charges based on a verbal description of the case with more than 97 percent accuracy.

The South China Morning Post reports that the car was built and tested by the Shanghai Pudong People’s Procuratorate, the largest and busiest district prosecutor’s office in China.

The technology can reduce the daily workload of prosecutors by allowing them to focus on more complex tasks, according to project lead researcher Professor Shi Yun.

In an article published in Management Review, Shi and his colleagues stated that “the system can, to some extent, replace prosecutors in the decision-making process.”

Despite the fact that other countries have long used the power of artificial intelligence, for example, for image recognition, prosecutors in China were the first to use AI back in 2016. Some of them are now using an artificial intelligence tool known as System 206.

The tool can assess the strength of the evidence, the terms of the arrest, and how dangerous the suspect is to the public.

But all of the existing AI tools play a limited role, as “they are not involved in the decision-making process for indictments and [sentencing],” said Shi and his fellow scientists.

The created AI prosecutor can run on a regular desktop computer. For each suspect, he will make an indictment based on 1,000 “features” derived from man-made case text, most of which are too small or abstract to make sense to humans. The system will then analyze the evidence.

Shi and his team have stated that thanks to the updates, the AI ​​Attorney will soon become more powerful. He will be able to recognize more rare crimes and bring multiple charges against a single suspect.

One prosecutor, who asked to remain anonymous, expressed concerns about the use of artificial intelligence in the indictment. Despite the high accuracy of the work, there will always be a possibility of error. According to the prosecutor, most prosecutors did not want computer scientists to “interfere” with the judgment.

However, despite some of the shortcomings of AI, China continues to use AI in almost every sector of government to improve efficiency, reduce corruption, and increase control.


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