China allegedly created a mind-reading device that can detect pornography viewing

(ORDO NEWS) — A Chinese research group claims to have created a “mind-reading device”. It allegedly detects the fact of viewing pornography, which is strictly prohibited in the country.

Judging by the data that is available, the technology is built on the basis of artificial intelligence. It “sounds the alarm” and is designed to facilitate the control of illegal content in China.

What is known about the device

  • The publication notes that the development can be used by local police to enforce strict laws prohibiting obscene photos and videos.
  • In the trial, the Beijing-based researchers showed a test group of men a series of images banned in China and then sent their brain wave readings to an artificial intelligence program for analysis.
  • Every time a candid image appeared on the screen, the device would sound an alarm.
  • In all likelihood, the machine reads the reaction of brain regions to content of a certain direction. For example, images that are pleasant to a person will “respond” in the so-called Pleasure Center.
  • The pleasure center is a general term for several brain structures that, when stimulated, result in feelings of pleasure.
  • Viewing unpleasant content will also be reflected in a similar way, reflected in other areas of the brain.

If so, then the device has a very dubious benefit, because not only pornography, but also any other content that is pleasant to a person can influence the Pleasure Center – contemplation of your favorite food, for example.

How it is proposed to distinguish pornography from other materials is not said. In addition, it is not clear how the police will be able to use the technology to prove the consumption of prohibited material, if artificial intelligence needs to be “fed” with brain wave indicators that are relevant at the time of viewing.

The developers have published the results of their research in the Journal of Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation. There, the development was called a prototype device “for detecting bad information.”

It is possible that this is only part of the propaganda aimed at intimidating Chinese citizens. They will think that their actions are easy to recognize and thus stop watching pornography.


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