Mysterious stone idol discovered in India

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(ORDO NEWS) — In India, a group of local residents discovered a unique stone idol in the town of Vellore, located in the state of Tamil Nadu. This artifact was the first of its kind in the history of archaeological research.

According to Arkeonews, the rare artifact was found by the villagers who were clearing bushes for the construction of the road. They first reported their find to the local historian, who went to the site and was the first to evaluate the relic.

It turned out to be a stone sculpture of the guardian god Aiyanar. His statues were usually placed at the entrance to villages. However, the found idol turned out to be unique – it is the first of its kind.

The analysis showed that this relic dates back to the reign of the Pallava dynasty, the seventh-eighth century AD. However, an exact date has yet to be made.

A feature of the sculpture is that the god Aiyanar is depicted sitting on a stone throne in a special pose, described in the agamas as “Maharaja Lilasana”. In his right hand he holds a weapon known as a sendu. The lower part of the sculpture depicts a dog and a boar.

Archaeologists say that the worship of Aiyanar was widespread until the Middle Ages. He was especially honored by the trading guilds, since this god was considered the patron of trade. In the Vellore area, statues of Aiyanar have never been found before.

The existence of such a deity is known from written sources, but the origins of mythology remain a mystery. There is a version according to which Aiyanar was an ordinary person, but a famous warrior.

Perhaps the common people revered him precisely as a warrior, and over time he turned into a god. It is known that some even worshiped him as their family deity.


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