Cheilitis on the lips

(ORDO NEWS) — It is difficult to meet a person who does not know what chapped lips are. This pathology is called “cheilitis”, it appears on the lips not only due to wind or cold, but also for many other reasons. Today we will tell you more about the disease, about its symptoms and treatment methods in dentistry.

What is this disease

Cheilitis, cheilosis, seizures – all these are the names of diseases of the lips, in which the skin on them can crack, redden at the edges, crusts and peeling appear on it. In fact, there are more symptoms (more about them below), as well as many types of pathology.

Dentists distinguish at least 12 types of cheilitis – catarrhal, hormonal, angular, meteorological, candidal, herpetic, allergic, etc. Here it must be added that this disease is not as easy as it seems. Because there is symptomatic cheilitis – it is only a manifestation of some kind of internal pathology or failure, and true cheilitis – arising on its own.

Good to know! Cheilitis can also appear from new cosmetics, toothpaste, dirty products, with a lack of B vitamins. With a timely visit to a doctor, the disease quickly recedes, but after a while, it can return again.

How to detect cheilitis

Each type of cheilitis has its own distinctive features, according to which a competent dentist (click here to learn more) can make the correct diagnosis even without tests. And at the same time, all types of pathology have common symptoms that appear on the lips – let’s consider them in more detail:

  • redness of the border of the lips,
  • peeling, itching,
  • the formation of bubbles with transparent or purulent contents,
  • the appearance of cracks, ulcers,
  • the formation of scales, “crusts”,
  • pain when touching, opening the mouth, contact with food and liquids,
  • pain on temperature and chemical irritants (hot, cold, sour).

How to treat a disease

Cheilitis treatment is best done under the supervision of a doctor – dentist, therapist, pediatrician, dermatologist, neurologist, gynecologist. After all, first the cause of the disease is established, and only then “targeted” therapy is prescribed, which, if necessary, can be adjusted. A dentist is perhaps the best person to see as they’re well experienced with oral health and will likely have the necessary equipment needed from dental suppliers. This means they can target the issue quickly and know how to treat the condition. To eliminate cheilitis (true and symptomatic), the following treatment can be prescribed:

  • lip treatment with gels or ointments: hormonal, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, to relieve inflammation and accelerate regeneration,
  • internal drug intake,
  • the appointment of antihistamines for allergies and edema,
  • exclusion of contact with an allergen – new cosmetics or washing powder,
  • change of toothbrush and paste, rinse aid,
  • using a balm with a UV filter and limiting exposure to the open sun,
  • reduction of exposure to the wind, frosty air,
  • replacement of prostheses for constructions of higher quality materials,
  • vitamin therapy,
  • physiotherapy, laser and radiation therapy.

For many patients, the dentist additionally prescribes the use of natural oils (sea buckthorn, avocado, etc.) or lotions with a decoction of sage, chamomile. Here you need to carefully monitor the reaction of the skin of the lips – if redness and swelling intensify, then it is better to cancel the product.


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