British woman discovered an ancient Roman artifact in her garden

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(ORDO NEWS) — For a decade, a resident of Great Britain had a rare marble engraving in the garden, which was created in the second century AD. Its cost is estimated at more than $ 20 thousand, according to Live Science.

Interesting in the story is that for a long time the artifact served as a step in a woman’s garden. The British used it to make it easier to climb on a horse.

The 63 cm long object was discovered about 20 years ago in a rock garden in Whiteparish (a village in the south of England). The stone was covered with dirt, so the woman did not notice the laurel wreath on it. A resident of Great Britain used the facility for domestic purposes. An archaeologist helped to understand the importance of marble stone.

It is believed that the slab was brought to England three centuries ago. How the stone ended up in the garden is a mystery. The site belongs to a house built in the 1960s. The auctioneers hope that in the near future it will be possible to find out at least some information about the owners.

One theory is that the stone was reused after the demolition of Cowesfield House and Broxmore House in 1949. The buildings were located near Whiteparish.


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