British mutant virus operated in Brazil 8 months ago

(ORDO NEWS) — The world was excited by the news of a new mutation of the coronavirus in Britain, which is 70% more infectious. As it turned out, the modified strain has existed in Brazil for a long time.

The mutation called N501Y was discovered in the UK, as the country is the world leader in the level of genetic sequencing of samples taken from patients with COVID-19. In the course of a small investigation, it was found that the modified strain had occurred in Brazil in April, and in Thailand and Germany in January and February.

The mutation changed the spike protein of the virus, due to which the level of its infectiousness increased significantly. It is possible that the situation in Britain is just the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps there are many more dangerous mutations in the world that scientists do not know about.

The British mutant virus was discovered on December 14th. 38 genomes out of 180 were altered. As a result, the infectiousness of the strain has increased significantly. Despite a 70% increase in infectivity, the mortality rate from the mutation remained the same. The mutated infection has been found to be prone to infecting children.


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