Bladeless and effective vaccine against coronavirus developed

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(ORDO NEWS) — We previously reported that a vaccine for Covid-19 has been developed in the UK and there are high hopes for it. It became known that the tool is undergoing the last tests and can soon be applied in large quantities. So far, all studies confirm the effectiveness of the vaccine.

During clinical trials, more than 1000 volunteers did not know which vaccine they were being given. The development provides for the introduction into the body of a drug based on self-replicating RNA. This means there is no virus in the vaccine.

The tool deceives the immune system: it makes the body think that the penetration of the virus into the body has already occurred due to the collision of immunity with only a surface protein, the press service of Imperial College London noted.

The vaccine has already been recognized as safe and confirmed its effectiveness, but studies of its action are not ending: soon experts will check on 105 volunteers what doses are necessary for effective treatment. The tests will be held on citizens aged 18-75 years. Scientists have developed a “prime-boost” system, which implies an initial vaccination and a second one a month later to strengthen the body.

It’s too early to talk about the effectiveness of the vaccine, said clinical director of the study Katrina Pollock. Only after the completion of the entire project can you breathe out with relief.

The vaccine received the index AZD1222. The greatest effect was observed in those volunteers who were given two doses. A number of countries have already signed contracts for the supply of vaccines, but all these agreements are preliminary. It is not yet known exactly whether the tool will be able to cope with the pandemic.


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