Biologists have found out why the coronavirus originated in China

(ORDO NEWS) — As part of a new study, experts have presented a mechanism that reveals the impact of global warming on the emergence of the virus. Due to the rise in temperature, solar radiation and carbon dioxide in the Celestial Empire, there was a rapid growth of plants and trees. Tropical shrubs have been replaced by tropical savannas and deciduous forests, becoming the new home for bats.

The number of coronavirus infections has a direct correlation with the number of bat species. Over the past hundred years, about 40 species have arrived in Yunnan Province, all carrying about a hundred species of coronavirus.

Climate change has made Yunnan an ideal habitat for creatures, said Robert Beyer of the University of Cambridge. Studying how the habitat of bats has changed in response to climate change will bring everyone closer to the clue to the emergence of the coronavirus.

Experts have created a vegetation map of the past and present. As it turned out, the spread of new species of animals has increased significantly over the century. A migration took place that led to new interactions between animals and viruses. Most infections are unable to survive in the human body, but some have managed to adapt.


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