Young black holes violate the laws of physics, scientists at a loss

(ORDO NEWS) — Earlier it was assumed that the change in the glow intensity of galaxies tens of thousands of light years in size occurs gradually. Recent observations have refuted this theory, reports The Conversation.

Each radio galaxy has a supermassive black hole at its center. The most powerful gravity attracts matter and winds it like a donut. The disk spins at the speed of light, emitting long, thin streams.

Young galaxies are blue in color, indicating a brighter aurora at high radio frequencies. Galaxies, whose life cycle ends, have a red tint. 123 objects out of 554 studied flickered and changed their brightness.

Scientists tried to explain what is happening by the peculiarity of black holes, which shoot out high-energy particles instead of thin jets. Such radio galactic systems are called blazars. The emitted substance flies towards the Earth and looks like small bright points.

In addition, holes sometimes form additional particles that form a clump. The substance moves slowly along the jets. Astronomers see the phenomenon in blue or red.

It turns out that scientists are observing strange eruptions of black holes that are not characteristic of them.


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