Bigfoot evidence turned out to be bear sightings

(ORDO NEWS) — The data scientist analyzed the numbers of American black bears in Canada and the United States and concluded that in regions where the number of these animals turned out to be high, there were more reports of encounters with Yetis.

Ideas about bigfoot are usually based on eyewitness accounts, although there are even “material evidence” – footprints (usually left in the snow) or hair.

Among lovers of mysticism, there is an opinion that Bigfoot is none other than a preserved relic hominid who has survived to this day and is now hiding in secluded corners of the planet: in the mountains and impassable thickets.

Scientists are skeptical about this – primarily because all the “material evidence” in fact turns out to belong to quite ordinary animals, for example, bear hair or monkey tracks.

The quality of video footage of Yeti encounters leaves much to be desired and does not allow for reliable analysis of them. The same materials that experts studied were fake.

In addition, scientists note that the existence of such “hidden species” is extremely unlikely, since in order to maintain the population size, it is necessary to have such a number of individuals that makes the species easily detectable.

At least when it comes to such large animals as hominids.

Bigfoot evidence turned out to be bear sightings 2
American black bear

Pinney Associates data scientist Flow Foxon has spent several years statistically analyzing the number of American black bears living in certain regions of the US and Canada, and compiled data for both countries.

In previous studies, the number of sightings of Bigfoot has already been compared with the population of bears in certain areas.

However, Foxon’s work claims to be the full picture, because its author considered data from almost all of North America.

In addition, Foxon took into account such factors as population size, type of forest cover and other animals living in this area.

The results of his research showed a correlation between the number of American black bears in a particular region and the number of eyewitness accounts who allegedly saw Bigfoot there: the more animals live in a particular territory, the more often mysticism lovers observe Bigfoot there.

Foxon believes that most of the evidence about the yeti is nothing more than encounters with a black bear, which the eyewitness simply did not consider for one reason or another: the animal was far away or quickly disappeared behind dense vegetation.


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