Benefits of water for the body

(ORDO NEWS) — Water is the source of life for all living things. If a person can live without food for more than a week, without liquid a maximum of 3 days. Water is part of the blood, tissues and organs, almost the entire body consists of water. Even in the bones and dental tissue there is a small percentage of fluid.

Based on this, it is extremely important for a person to drink a lot, not only for beauty and maintaining a figure, but, first of all, for health and normal functioning of the body.

What role does water play

It is difficult to single out any particular area of ​​the body where water is needed the most, because it is involved in all metabolic processes and the work of all organs.

Why you need to drink water

  • It has a beneficial effect on the work of the stomach and intestines, improves digestion, prevents heaviness and bloating. Even heavy food with a sufficient amount of water is absorbed many times better.
  • Water maintains body temperature, in cold weather it retains heat, and in hot weather, on the contrary, it cools.
  • The liquid reduces the viscosity of the blood, it moves better through the vessels, respectively, the risk of blood clots and cardiovascular diseases is reduced.
  • Sufficient fluid intake has a beneficial effect on brain function.
  • Water removes excess salt and harmful toxins from the body.
  • The joints become more flexible and mobile.
  • When the norm of fluid per day is fulfilled, a person does not get better, cannot become obese, it is easy for him to maintain a stable weight without diets and training.
  • The skin becomes smooth and elastic, cellulite disappears, the hair looks less dry, and the nails are stronger.
  • With a deficiency, the water-salt balance is disturbed. As a result, kidney problems may occur. It also negatively affects the joints.

Water is the basis for sports nutrition, proper nutrition and all diets. Even if you follow all the recommendations and limit harmful foods, you cannot achieve the desired result without liquid. Plus, with a sufficient level, the desire to eat is reduced.

There are many mono-diets that are based on water alone. Intermittent fasting, water diets and hunger strikes are practiced. It is noteworthy, but with a diet with a lot of water, changes are visible not only in weight, but also in the condition of the skin.

It should be noted that when calculating the norm per day, only the usual is taken into account. Soda, mineral water, soups, juices – all this is not taken into account in the norm.

In order to calculate the daily rate of water, you need to take into account height, weight, gender and individual characteristics of the body. On average, an adult needs from 1.5 liters per day.

Thus, water is the first most important part of life. To improve health, for weight loss, for good performance and mood, you need to drink the norm daily. If you accustom yourself to this, over time the procedure will become a habit.


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