Belgium proposes to save the planet with human hair

(ORDO NEWS) — In Belgium, they found a way to save the planet from toxic waste using human hair. The Hair Recycle project has begun collecting hair cuts from barbershops and recycling them into natural things.

At enterprises, strands are used to create a dense fiber, which is further proposed to be used to absorb oil and hydrocarbons from a liquid or to create biodegradable bags.

According to Hair Recycle co-creator Patrick Jansen, one kilogram of hair can absorb seven to eight liters of oil and hydrocarbons.

It is also a very strong material – one strand is able to support ten million times its own weight. In addition, human hair is water-soluble and elastic due to the keratin fibers in the composition.

A rug made of such material can be placed in the sewer so that harmful substances linger in the pipes and do not penetrate into water bodies.

The advantage of using human hair to help the environment, experts called the availability of the material – there are hairdressers in any locality, so the raw materials do not have to be transported, polluting the planet with transport emissions.

Previously shed or cut human hair was proposed to be used to create clothing. The designer Zofia Kollar came up with this idea.

The specialist is convinced that tailoring wardrobe items from this material will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the production and transportation of goods, as well as reduce the amount of garbage from the fashion industry.


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