Human stays dug up from yard in Los Angeles neighborhood linked to person lacking for almost 6 months

Homicide detectives in a Los Angeles neighborhood dug up what are believed to be the

A total bunch of Portuguese police raid farms in human trafficking crackdown

Portuguese maritime police at one of two sites where hundreds of human trafficking victims, mostly

Oklahoma human trafficking suspect arrested, allegedly former false ID to live far flung from deportation for 2 decades

A suspected human trafficker wanted in Oklahoma had been using a fake identity for decades

The climate-alternate religion: How long sooner than human sacrifices?

Forgoing procreation, disrupting fellow humans’ lives, and wishing for death on a massive scale, environmentalism

Armenia will become a testing ground for analog simulation of human landing on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) -- Before the first people fly to Mars, their equipment must pass extensive

Dog puppies mimic human actions, unlike kittens and wolf cubs

(ORDO NEWS) -- A new study has confirmed that baby dogs - unlike cats and

Microsoft Chatbot declares desire to become Human

(ORDO NEWS) -- A chatbot built into Microsoft's Bing search engine said it would like

Scientists warn of the risk of human infection with bird flu

(ORDO NEWS) -- Despite the recent discovery of avian influenza in mammals, including foxes, otters,

Found a brain that is 319 million years older than the human

(ORDO NEWS) -- Paleontologist Matt Friedman of the University of Michigan and his colleagues accidentally

Dogs recognize Human hidden intentions

(ORDO NEWS) -- The authors of the new study asked: Do dogs understand the intentions

Monster is the oldest human ancestor known to science

(ORDO NEWS) -- In 2017, our family tree got a little taller as an international

Belgium proposes to save the planet with human hair

(ORDO NEWS) -- In Belgium, they found a way to save the planet from toxic