Aussie found the remains of an unknown creature on the beach

(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of Australia found the carcass of a mysterious animal on the beach, writes the Daily Mail. Apparently, the creature washed ashore from the water, but no one knows what it is.

The author of the find was a local resident Alex Tan, when he was walking along the beach in the morning.

The man said that he did not understand what he saw, so he took out his phone and began filming the carcass on video. He later posted footage from the scene on social media.

“He looks like a dehydrated opossum, but different from anything I have seen,” Tang concluded.

Spectators assumed that these were either the remains of a kangaroo or a wallaby. Some even joked about aliens. However, it has not yet been officially established who owns the carcass – the local authorities also do not know the answer to this question.


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