Doctors have warned men about the dangers of hot summer nights

(ORDO NEWS) — Hot summer nights increase the risk of death from cardiovascular disease in men, researchers from the University of Toronto found. They talked about this in an article in BMJ Open magazine.

Earlier observations had already shown that too hot summers were associated with more hospitalizations and deaths due to cardiovascular disease, but little was known about the effect of age, sex, and other factors on mortality.

The researchers used data on adult deaths in the UK and the US in June-July 2001-2015 and compared this data with temperature fluctuations during these periods. During this time, just over 40 thousand deaths from cardiovascular diseases were registered.

At the same time, for every degree of temperature at night above the norm, there was an increase in the death rate of men aged 60-64 by 3.1% in the UK and by 4.8% in the USA. Women and older men were not affected by fluctuations in temperature.

“Given the growing likelihood of extreme summer temperatures in the western US and UK, our findings highlight the importance of developing preventive public health initiatives and new city policies to reduce future risk of cardiovascular disease,” the authors said. .

In general, the spread of preventive measures has reduced the overall mortality from cardiovascular diseases during the study period, they added. However, the risks are still significant and temperature fluctuations contribute to them.


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