Astronomers took a picture of an exoplanet outside the solar system

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers are finally able to take a picture of the planet that is closest to us. Such objects are called exoplanets and they are located outside the solar system. It is quite difficult to get an image, because, as a rule, the distance is quite large and even modern equipment does not allow making high-quality images.

This is reported by sciencealert.

Another reason that exoplanets are extremely difficult to study is that they are too faint. The host star does not emit enough light for astronomers to properly examine a particular exoplanet.

The recently discovered exoplanet was named COCONUTS-2b, and the star around which it revolves is in turn called COCONUTS-2A. Scientists have noted that this planet is very close to Earth. It can be reached in just 35 light years. Among the exoplanets discovered by specialists, this is considered a rarity.

The space object is a huge gas giant. There is a fairly large distance between it and the host star. The exoplanet is very young. Its age does not exceed 800 million years. It is worth noting that this system, which we managed to photograph, is very different from our solar system.


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