On one of the Spanish islands, weapons of the ancient Romans found

(ORDO NEWS) — In the ancient settlement of Son Katlar, which is located on one of the Spanish islands of Menorca, archaeologists have discovered a huge amount of weapons. It belonged to the Romans once upon a time. Also, specialists managed to find many old surgical instruments. It is worth noting that research in this area has been going on for a long time, but it was stopped for a year due to the coronavirus pandemic and was resumed only recently.

This is reported by heritagedaily.

Experts managed to find a wide variety of Roman military materials. They were made around 100 BC. Artifacts included arrowheads, projectiles, various knives, and surgical instruments. Additionally, archaeologists have found a piece of the city wall, the length of which was approximately 870 meters. This find plays a very important role, because with its help you can get a lot of new information about how military conflicts took place in ancient times.

The Romans considered the gates or doorways, which are the entrance to the city, sacred. Quite often, they had associations with Janus, who was the god of beginning, time and transitions. Fernando Prados noted that the Roman soldiers were extremely superstitious. They highly appreciated the city gates and considered them a kind of sacred value. If the gate were completely sealed, then this would cause some magical consequences. Most of all, the soldiers feared that very expensive military equipment would be lost.


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