Astronomers told when the first stars began to shine in the universe

(ORDO NEWS) — After numerous studies, scientists seem to have been able to pinpoint the exact timing of the appearance of the first stars. Experts called this period the “cosmic dawn”.

It is reported by the BBC.

The first stars began to emerge 250-350 million years after the Big Bang. The Webb Telescope will allow us to see the first galactic systems in the near future. Scientists are confident that they are bright enough for detailed study.

For the first time, science has come close to seeing the first generation of stars and galaxies, according to Richard Ellis of the University of London.

To date, six galactic systems have been studied. Unfortunately, there is no need to talk about a detailed study: the objects turned out to be so distant that they are represented on paper by several pixels. By calculating the ages of the galaxies, it was possible to find out when the first star formed. Particles of light have traveled 13 billion years to get into the lens of telescopes. This is real time travel.

The universe was born 13.8 billion years ago. At first, there was only darkness, and only after 250 million years the first objects – stars began to form. Due to their radiance, other systems that we observe today have arisen.

The first stars were significantly different from the real ones. So, they were much larger and burned exclusively hydrogen. The evolution of these objects led to the appearance of heavier elements, presented in the periodic table.

Elements other than hydrogen, helium, and lithium form inside a star at the end of its existence. The age of galaxies was determined by analyzing the concentration of hydrogen in them. To obtain the results, the researchers took 70 hours of continuous observation of the galaxies.


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