Astronomers learned how to feed a supermassive black hole

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(ORDO NEWS) — For the first time, scientists have managed to record an incredible process. They watched as the black hole, which is located in the very center of the galaxy, “eats”. It’s worth noting that supermassive black holes are the least studied objects. The reason is not only the presence of a certain amount of a substance, but also its high density index.

SciTechDaily reports.

During the capture of matter that is around, the black hole becomes very active. This results in an incredible amount of energy being released. In addition, the jets are released. These are jets of particles that are present in X-rays.

Almudena Prieto was able to find another way of how black holes feed. In the centers of galaxies there are some narrow dust filaments. They surround every black hole and act as its constant power source. Dust filaments can also become the reason that a completely natural eclipse of galaxies occurs at the moments of black hole activity.

The specialists used the images obtained with the Hubble telescope and saw that the black hole, which is located in the galaxy NGC 1566, feeds directly on these dust filaments. This study is only a small part of the huge PARSEC IAC project. Scientists have been trying to figure out exactly how supermassive black holes become active after a long lull for a long time. They are also interested in the question of the accumulation of matter by black holes in order to become the most massive space objects.


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