Astronomers have noticed that part of the tail of a comet flying towards Earth came off

(ORDO NEWS) — The tail of the green comet C/2022 E3, which is flying towards Earth, is partially torn off.

The photo was taken on January 17 in Bavaria using a Nikon Z50 mirrorless camera and a Leica-Apo-Telyt lens. It shows that the comet’s tail seems to have torn apart and lost its visible integrity.

This is most likely due to a change in space weather and the emergence of a strong solar wind due to a recent coronal mass ejection.

The solar wind is made up of charged particles and therefore affects the magnetic field of the solar system. Comet tail material, in turn, is affected by the magnetic field.

C/2022 E3 will be at its minimum distance from Earth on the night of February 1st. At this point, it should be visible to the naked eye in clear weather.


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