Astronomers confirm Stephen Hawking’s black hole theorem

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(ORDO NEWS) — That Stephen Hawking was a real genius, no one ever doubted. Analysis of the gravitational wave GW150914 confirmed his area theorem. In his statement, the scientist argued that the horizons of a black hole can increase, but never decrease.

This is reported by Science Alert.

Stephen Hawking formulated his theorem back in 1971. Even then, the man was sure that the surface area of ​​the event horizon of a black hole could only increase. But unfortunately, there were no technologies that could confirm his words 50 years ago.

Do not confuse the event horizon with the black hole itself, this is its boundary and it is proportional to the mass. This means that if a black hole can only increase its mass, then its boundaries are always expanding accordingly.

It is easy to confirm this theorem mathematically, but it is very difficult to visually observe black holes, in fact, it is impossible. The collision of GW150914 and LIGO changed everything. Two black holes merged and formed one large, and astronomers recorded this. With a 95% probability, the horizon of the new formation increased after the merger. And this is the first empirically confirmed case of Hawking’s theorem in history.

Astrophysicist Maximiliano Isi suggested that there is a whole “zoo” in space, in which there may be a huge number of objects obeying the laws of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Therefore, research cannot be stopped, because there is still so much unknown ahead.


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