Rock-eating life forms found under Antarctic ice

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(ORDO NEWS) — Sometimes different forms of life can be found in the most unsuitable places for this, for example, among the Arctic ice at a depth of more than 760 meters. Recently, glaciologists have discovered microscopic organisms there. They feel great in such conditions. The basis of their diet is made up of stones, which they literally devour.

Reported by Nature Earth & Environment.

The area of ​​Willans subglacial lake is 60 square kilometers. The reservoir, which interested scientists, was discovered back in 2007. It is one of the main study sites for glaciologists and biologists from all over the world. Researchers hope to unravel the secrets of the Antarctic ecosystem with its help, and now they are one step closer to it.

Extremophiles were found in the water of the lake. These are the simplest microorganisms that can survive in icy water at sub-zero temperatures and without sunlight. Microbes feed on rocks, which they themselves grind. Bacteria and archaea also live in this reservoir.

Beatrice Gill Olivas, author of an article on these microorganisms, and one of the glaciologists at the University of Bristol in England, is confident that the organisms found are just the first big step in their work. The subglacial ecosystem is much broader and he hopes to find thriving communities of microbes underwater soon.


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