Artificial intelligence will land on the moon in April

(ORDO NEWS) — The Rashid lunar rover, which belongs to the United Arab Emirates and was launched into space by SpaceX on December 11, 2022, will soon arrive on the moon.

Rashid is no ordinary lunar rover – it is equipped with an artificial intelligence (AI) system, which was developed by the Canadian firm Mission Control Space Services (MCSS).

It is expected that the Rashid spacecraft, located on the Japanese ispace lander, will land on the surface of the Earth‘s natural satellite as early as April 2023.

The lunar rover will search for minerals, and the artificial intelligence system will plan a route, study all the images and data that the device will receive – but at the same time transmit to Earth only those data, images and videos that scientists need (their classifications are set in advance).

This will save the limited bandwidth of the satellites when communicating with the rover to the ground.

Artificial intelligence will land on the moon in April 2
A colorful image shows the “results” that the rover’s AI should send back to Earth

Unfortunately, the lunar rover will not work for a long time, the device is designed to work only within the framework of one lunar day, that is, only 29 Earth days.


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